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Press Archive 1996-1999


12.1999 Copia Provides Relief for Ibex Customers And Fax Outlets for ACT, Goldmine, and Saleslogix
A smooth migration path for users of legacy Ibex fax-on-demand systems support for leading contact managers
08.1999 Copia & Commetrex Offer Call Centers Attractive Faxing Options
Commetrex will be offering an additional discount on PowerFax M-Series fax boards for use with Copia's flagship product, FaxFacts® fax broadcasting software for Windows NT
06.1999 Copia International sets up European Subsidiary
The formation of a new company, Copia UK Limited, will handle European sales and support for its flagship FaxFacts product line


11.1998 Copia Supports Commetrex Fax Boards
Copia's FaxFacts Fax Server now supports the Commetrex PowerFax M-series fax boards
11.1998 Copia now Integrates With Artisoft's® TeleVantage® Phone System
When combined, the FaxFacts and TeleVantage products provide an Intelligent Phone System that covers BOTH your telephone and faxing needs
09.1998 Mega-Faxing for the Masses
Copia's FaxFacts Fax Server now brings the power of T1 and PRI digital communications to network faxing
06.1998 Fax Broadcast Automation Package
Enables fax service bureaus and other in-house fax broadcasters to simplify and automate the process of launching and managing large fax broadcasts
02.1998 Copia granted U.S. patent for Mail Merge to Fax
Revolutionary approach to Mail Merge technique


12.1997 X/MAIL For Exchange
Extensions for Exchange that are designed to serve as a universal outbox for messages
06.1997 Copia's Fax to E-Mail Connection
Link your faxes with your e-mail
03.1997 Copia Announces WorldFax
Circumvent costly and sometimes inefficient foreign phone companies by polling for foreign faxes on a US phone call
01.1997 FaxFacts For NT Welcomes New GammaLink Fax Boards
The addition of GammaLink Fax boards mean more options


11.1996 Fax Meets Web
Fax straight from your website
09.1996 International Faxing Hubs
Reduce Costs of Transcontinental faxing
08.1996 FaxFacts and the March of Dimes
Medical Information via Fax Reduce Costs of Transcontinental faxing
07.1996 Never Busy Fax - Rollover Colliding fax Transmissions
Eliminate fax sender frustration, lower fax receiver expenses, and guaranteed delivery on the first try
05.1996 Copia Announces Direct Mail Faxes
Addressing the Soaring Cost of Direct Mail-keep your costs down
03.1996 Copia Announces the FaxFacts LAN Fax Server
It is a full-feature, easy-to-use fax server that runs on a dedicated workstation or on Windows NT server
02.1996 Faxes Via the Internet
Retrieve Incoming Faxes via the Internet