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The CopiaFacts Engine logs a wealth of information about the calls that it handles. This includes information on all faxes made by the system. Instead of storing this data in a proprietary log file, all of this information is stored in industry standard dBASE database files. These files are easily read by all major database products and reporting packages. So it's easy to incorporate this information into your existing systems to give you the reports you need.

Included Reports
Copia has made the process of reporting even easier by providing a reporting package with 23 standard and 15 special reports. These reports give you a comprehensive analysis of your fax and voice processing transactions. The reports were designed using one of the leading PC report writers - R&R Report Writer from LiveWare Publishing. And to make your reporting tasks even easier, Copia allows you to easily select and group reports for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, biweekly, bimonthly, or custom reporting periods. You can print, display, or output your reports to a file for convenient faxing or e-mail.

Here's a list of just some of the reports available:

  1. Summary Usage by Line
  2. Line Error Report by Phone
  3. Line Error Report by Status
  4. Error Summary
  5. Calls by DID
  6. Line Usage by Minutes
  7. Line Usage by Pages
  8. Line Usage by Call Type
  9. Detail Log by Date
  10. Detail Log by Date FOD
  11. Detail Log by Caller ID
  12. Detail Log by Call
  13. Detail Log by Fax Number
  14. Detail Call Log by Phone
  15. Usage by Document Group
  16. Detail Log by Document
  17. Voice Mail Usage by Line
  18. Summary by Usage by Date
  19. Summary by Usage by DID
  20. Remote Image Update Summary
  1. Remote Image Update Detail
  2. Missing Image Requests
  3. Detail Log by CSID
  4. Detail Log by Caller Fax
  5. Line Usage by Line
  6. Detail Log by Caller
  7. Baud Rate Summary
  8. Baud Rate Detail
  9. User Summary
  10. User Detail
  11. FaxMail by Date
  12. FaxMail by Sender
  13. Summary of Group Usage Totals
  14. FaxMail by CSID
  15. Broadcast Report Detail by Fax Number
  16. Broadcast Report Detail
  17. Broadcast Report Detail
  18. Broadcast Report Detail Summary

Any report in the system can be customized and you can design and add your own new, custom reports to the system easily. If you're looking for completely unattended report generation, Copia provides several examples of command files that make this easy. You can even have the CopiaFacts engine run the reports for you at the time that you tell it.

The reports supply you with complete line usage information including call duration, number of pages sent, dates, line, numbers called, documents missing from your catalog, receiver, and more. You get all of the data you need to monitor costs and capture billing information.

R&R Report Writer is included with the reporting package so you can easily design and add new reports to the system. These reports can be added to the standard reports included in the package so you can use the same front-end to run your custom reports as well as the standard reports.

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