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IVR - Interactive Voice Response

What is IVR?
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows telephone callers to have a "conversation" with computers and information resources through touch-tone input. IVR prompts callers in a human voice, accepts telephone keypad (alpha or numeric) as answers, and then communicates with databases or host computer systems to enter or retrieve information for the caller. Each response takes the customer to another question. This sequence is repeated until the caller receives the needed information or completes the task.

How does IVR integrate with my fax on demand system?
IVR and fax on demand go hand in hand. IVR allows your callers to navigate through your system to find the documents that they need. This eliminates the need for a caller to download a list of documents and then call abck to choose the right one. With IVR they can choose from a list of documents or serach for a particular document and get it all on the same call.

How do companies use Interactive Voice Response?
IVR serves as a constant attendant so your customers can:

  • Obtain copies of cancelled checks
  • Receive insurance policy details
  • Perform account inquiries
  • Get current weather information
  • Check status of orders
  • Handle product registration
  • Listen to daily horoscopes
  • Check lottery results

FaxFacts IVR Features:

  • No limit on the number of supported lines in a system
  • Run multiple applications in the same system -- a single system can server many IVR call processes
  • Voice Mail to request, store, and retrieve voice messages
  • Can handle errors, time-outs, and hang-ups
  • Automatically produces a database log from system activity
  • Can determine which phone number the caller has dialed (DNIS) and hook the caller into the appropriate scenario to process the call
  • Validate area codes or database files in the call processing system
  • Read/write to network databases

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