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Fax Application Programming Interface API

The fax broadcasting software that you buy MUST have some kind of API (Application Programmer Interface). Having the API will make sure that the system will be able to grow and meet your future needs for faxing. Some systems try to use a "standard" interface, such as CAS, or the GammaLink API. The FaxFacts API is a higher level API that is the same API for CAS systems, GammaLink, Dialogic, and Brooktrout.

The highest level API from FaxFacts is the FFMERGE system. All that is needed for a programmer to send a fax is to be able to print the fax number at the top of the printed document. The programmer can also specify attachments and other information on the FFMERGE "firing line". Using the FFMERGE print driver and font to control faxing is very powerful in the hands of a programmer. The benefit of this high level API is that it does not limit the choice of tools that can be used to do the job.

The next level of API gives the programmer all of the control and feedback that is needed. The FaxFacts API is easy to use, has many defaults, and has all the power that programmers ask for. Now for an example:

In the file PO980315.fs
$fax_filename \\faxserver\copia\temp\po980315.TIF
$fax_phone 6307788848
$fax_status1 2 ;ready to fax
$fax_origin user_request
$fax_user \\faxserver\copia\fax.usr ; group file with defaults

When the programmer writes the above file from their application program, they can monitor the progress of the fax. Once the file is written to the TOSEND folder, the sender will know when the fax has been sent when the file is removed from the TOSEND folder and moved to the SENT or FAILED folder. If you do not want to monitor the fax directly, you can specify a "post-process" program to be run by FaxFacts when the fax is "complete". By "complete" that means that the fax has been sent, or that it has completed all the retries specified and is being move to the FAIL folder. FaxFacts customers use the post-process to send email back to the sender. The post-process is used to update databases or to do what ever work needs to be done when the fax is complete.

If more control is needed, additional API commands are available.
$fax_cover -- sets the coversheet to use if needed.
$fax_header -- sets the line at the top of each fax.
$fax_pre-process -- Specify the routine to run before faxing.
$fax_post-process -- Specify the routine to run after faxing.
$fax_retry -- Set override retry settings.
$fax_send_time -- Set the send time in the future.
$fax_send_date -- Set the send date for the fax.
$fax_send_line -- Specify the line or line group to use to send this fax.
$fax_sender -- The name of the sender of the fax.
$fax_receiver -- The name of the fax receiver.
$retry_cover -- The coversheet for restarted faxes.
$var_def -- Define a user variable for the cover sheet.
$voice_phone -- Call out for IVR or pager.

A more complex example:
$fax_filename t:\faxfacts\image\00001154.1
$fax_cover t:\faxfacts\copia.cvr
$fax_header "To @ROUTETO From: @SENDER"
$fax_sender "Dorothy Gaden"
$fax_receiver "Ann Other"
$fax_send_time 17:00:00
$fax_phone 3105553218
$fax_status1 2
$fax_post-process "exchange_send" internal
$fax_origin user_request
$fax_user t:\faxfacts\fax.usr
$var_def ToCompany "Other Company Inc."
$var_def data1 "recid1000"
$var_def user "email address"

Smart fax boards vs. low-end fax boards.

Copia's FaxFacts system supports the high level fax boards from Brooktrout, GammaLink, Commetrex, and Intel/Dialogic. The high level fax boards have a computer for each telephone line. The computer on each phone line helps keep the remote fax machine happy that the sender has not stopped sending when the main CPU may be busy.

With the low end modems, when the main CPU becomes distracted, the remote fax machine may think that the sending fax has stopped sending and drop the line. This causes a higher failure rate and more phone costs. The larger issue is that if you have problems sending to a specific fax machine and the low end fax board fails every time, who do you call to fix the problem?

The problem is that on the low end modems there is very little that the supplier can do to fix fax problems. With GammaLink and Brooktrout they have downloaded firmware that they can and will fix. Now that all of the fax boards send the same faxable TIFF files, you now can use the common API from FaxFacts and even mix fax boards from different manufactures in the same system.


FaxFacts also has as an option Fax-On-Demand. Unlike other systems that have added FOD as a late add-on, FaxFacts started as a FOD system. Many of the high end Dialogic and Brooktrout fax boards can do both voice and fax on each phone line. FaxFacts gives you the option of having Fax-On-Demand, IVR, Voice broadcast, Fax Polling, Internet faxing, dialer faxing, web page faxing, faxing from your web page, and faxmail. FaxFacts has more features in the FOD area than any other FOD vendor.

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Bio Info:
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Tim Frost Managing director of Roundhill Computer Systems
Terry Flanagan V.P. of Engineering at Copia.

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