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Credit Card Charge per Fax

The FaxFacts Credit Card option provides credit approval tools for credit card purchases by telephone. It is often used when a charge is applied to documents on your FaxFacts fax on deamnd system. When a caller requests a document, FaxFacts negotiates the charge process, interpreting credit card numbers input by callers at their telephone key pads, and communicating with financial institutions for approval.

FaxFacts Fax-on-Demand can deliver the requested document and credit card receipt within 30 seconds of approval. The FaxFacts Credit Card option operates in a call back mode, so the user can call from any touch-tone phone. After identifying their fax machine and the document request, FaxFacts informs the caller of the cost. Next, FaxFacts requests a credit card number with expiration date. The system validates the card number, expiration date, and available credit. If the credit card is authorized, FaxFacts delivers the document and charge receipt.

You can use FaxFacts Credit Card instead of a 900 service. By controlling credit purchases yourself, you eliminate the middleman and fees incurred with a 900 service. Credits and corrections can be made more quickly and directly with the customer, saving time and eliminating confusion.

With FaxFacts Credit Card you are assured:

  • Convenience - Customers get documents quickly
  • Speed - No purchase orders, postage, etc. required, just a credit card
  • Income - Information of value should be sold, not given away
  • Ease - Credit card receipts are wired directly to your account

FaxFacts Credit Card is an option for fax on deamnd systems. A modem is necessary for connection with credit centers. You will also need to get a merchant identification number from your bank. The FaxFacts Credit Card software includes IC Verify® for credit validation.

Try our Demonstration
Call 888-332-6742 from any touch-tone phone and request Document 8898 or 8899. Document 8899 simulates a valid credit card transaction of $5.00. Document 8898 simulates an invalid credit card transaction of $5.00. Your credit card will not be charged.

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