WorkStation Client

Screen Shot of WorkStationThe CopiaFacts WorkStation is included with every component of the CopiaFacts suite of business communication solutions. Designed to work with FaxFacts®, VoiceFacts™ and E-MailFacts™, it provides a single point of access to many of the great features of CopiaFacts.

The WorkStation client runs on 32-bit Windows platforms and provides access to a wide variety of address books, including Outlook contacts and address books, GoldMine contacts, LDAP, and Active Directory Services. Address information can also come from any data source that allows ADO or OLE DB/ODBC access. This includes Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, xBase, and FoxPro databases. Selection criteria can be applied to address books to select recipients for a broadcast as well.

Other new and enhanced features include:

  • Caching of recent recipients for quick selection
  • Additional user data information that may be included on the cover sheet including office, department, voice phone, e-mail address, etc.
  • Easier to use delayed transmission settings
  • Built-in broadcast capability
  • Enhanced file save features for storing fax images on disk or in the fax-on-demand document catalog
  • Easier to use document attachment capabilities
  • Better integration with the cover sheet design process
  • Integrated support for viewing received faxes
  • Better integration with fax and e-mail status viewer
  • Simpler overall operation using an Outlook type interface.

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