CopiaFacts Messaging System

CopiaFact powers all of your businesses fax, voice and email needs. Included in the suite are the award winning FaxFacts®, VoiceFacts™ and E-MailFacts™, which give you all the fax, voice and e-mail power your business will ever need.

The CopiaFacts Server engine handles all inbound/outbound/pre-/post-processing of incoming and outgoing messages from any of the suite programs. All components of the system can are desgined to integrate with your existing programs and desktops. You can use our Windows client (the CopiaFacts WorkStation) or even build Copia tools into your existing CRM or database solutions.

Why CopiaFacts?

Simply because time, productivity, reliability, and saving money are important to you.
That's why you want a system that allows you to fax directly from your desktop as easily as you can print, process custom IVR scripts, and blast out e-mail to tens of thousands of your clients announcing that you've gone public.

The CopiaFacts suite of preferred communications solutions provides your business with the tools necessary to supply your customers with the information they need, in the format they desire.

What can CopiaFacts Can Do?

The CopiaFacts suite covers all major forms of communication. Traditional service such as your standard phone or fax, as well as the latest in email and SMS. These programs together can provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Lower the cost of communication between you and your customers.
  • Integration into your current network and business applications.
  • Infinite scalability - Buy only what your business needs, when it needs it.

With an extensive range of communications solutions options that integrate with desktop, e-mail, CRM, and other essential business software, CopiaFacts provides your employees a unified approach to enterprise communications, thereby saving you time and money. All of your messages are delivered with the same ease as printing them out to a printer.

Stable and Reliable CopiaFacts Architecture

Built by programmers, for programmers our systems can stay up and running with no intervention for years, not just days or hours. There are literally hundreds of features and functionality is always able to be expanded, but some major highlights include:

  • SMTP Outbound E-Mail Server
  • Full Microsoft Exchange/Outlook compatibility (or even any hosted email solutions like Google gmail For Business)
  • High volume broadcasting (or outbound) messages (Fax/Voice/E-Mail, etc)
  • Patented Mail Merge to Fax and E-Mail
  • Fax-on-Demand with IVR
  • Advanced message status viewer
  • Load balancing
  • DID Inbound Routing
  • Full Reporting/Job Administration package
  • Integration with Software PBX systems

No Two Systems the same

The real power behind CopiaFacts is that you only purchase the features that your company needs. We believe that you should never have to pay for something that you never intend on using so all pricing is a la carte. Our sales and engineering staff customizes a solution just for you.

This is why CopiaFacts is an attractive option for all size businesses; it is one suite that can continue to deliver consistent results no matter how large your business grows. You can start off small with a few lines, and watch your system grow to utilize thousands.

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